Friday, October 9, 2015

Nevada City Winery

My best friend joined our 40th spin around the sun on Monday. We've been friends for about 15,225,600,000 miles around that gaseous mess (give or take 400 million), so this is not an insignificant milestone.

Our significant partners and we went out to the Long Dream Farm outside of Lincoln, Ca, which meant we spent our morning with cows in the middle of their milking, and the dogs ran all over, imagining they were wild farm dogs (despite their diminutive stature).

As is our way, we set to work getting drunk in the classiest way possible: by going to a winery.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), Monday and Tuesday seem to be religious holidays for wineries, so [insert huge sad face here]. Except Nevada City Winery.

Not only did they welcome us on a Tuesday, they even allowed our wild farm dogs (granted, our dogs both weigh a total of 35 lbs, so they're basically cat-sized, with more personality).

If they served us urine in glasses, that alone would be enough to garner a two and a half star review... But they actually served us Excellent Wines. The Alpenglow Blush is literally the only blush I have ever enjoyed, in all meanings of the word "blush." And although my usual mainstay Merlot was kinda meh, the Petit Syrah was... We all agreed... Jammy. But not in a bad "ew, what is this jam in my mouth?" kind of way. In an actual "omg, please can I have only jam this forever?" kind of way.

Ultimately, the Petit Syrah wasn't selected to be our Serious Birthday Porterhouse Steak Dinner wine, but only because it was conquered in appropriateness by the Nevada City Winery Barbera.

And that was a great choice.

Nothing quite matches a good steak like a bold wine. I'm not a wineologist, and I didn't even minor in it (I was a vodka academic), but in my immediate (and trustworthy, since you're reading this blog) appraisal, we could not have selected a more superior wine for Teresa's birthday dinner.

I would be lame if I didn't mention we also picked up their Chardonnay and Alpenglow blush. Which I finished a bit ago. Because NO WINE LEFT BEHIND.

I've heard comedians refer to there being "no such thing as leftover cocaine," and I feel the same about wine. There's just no excuse for that kind of negligence.*

So yeah, Nevada City Winery gets five stars all-around.

* that said, last time I visited my co-blogger Rachel, I left a glass or two of white wine in a bottle... But there's no such thing as wasting wine by just leaving an incomplete bottle at a friend's house. It won't go to waste.