Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ferrari-Carano "Siena" Sangoiovese, $8 A GLASS

...a tiny glass at that.

This is Douglas holding Bug. Sorry ladies, he's taken.
My friend Douglas was visiting this weekend because the Bulgarian is gone for a few weeks and he knew I was lonely and stressed from having no baby/dog/life help so he sent a text that said “Love you!” and I sent one back that said “IF YOU WERE MY REAL FRIEND YOU WOULD BE HERE HOLDING MY BABY AND HANDING ME COCKTAILS WHILE I SOBBED IN THE BATHROOM.” He said I was right and showed up less than 24 hours later.

That my friends, is a super pal.

Needing to get out of the house, we decided to walk downtown and find a place where we could drink while accompanying a mini human in a stroller without looking like total assholes. “That place does not exist” you say, but you are incorrect. They are called RESTAURANTS. Restaurants are places where people can drink around their kids and totally get away with it. If you’re taking baby for a walk in the stroller and stop for dinner (and a few beverages) you look like a nice family on the town, not total dicks. What a relief for new parents, right?

Since Douglas isn’t actually a parent and I was so totally over everything and anything involving care taking, he offered to push the gargantuan stroller to town while I skipped alongside unencumbered. I always enjoy newbies struggle with the curbs and bumps and just the sheer fuckery of maneuvering a small, unwieldy vehicle covered in diaper bags and squeaky animals.
This is my baby and my wine, out on the town.

We decided to head to Cirino's on Main Street, a restaurant and bar that the Bulgarian and I frequent, just never in the restaurant area. Because it is a somewhat fancy joint, I ordered a glass of wine that ran about the same price as the bottles I usually enjoy. $8.95 a glass, I better get what I’m paying for.

...and by “I’m paying for”, I mean “Doug’s paying for”. I haven’t worked since October of last year, so I’m in no position to high roll it at some Italian place just because they have cloth tablecloths. I chose the wine that the menu suggested pairing with my polenta, the Ferrari-Carano "Siena" Sangiovese. I’ve never tried a Sangiovese because the word reminds me of salami and I hate salami with a passion. I was hoping it tasted like nine dollars and not mystery meat product.

It did. In fact, I’d say it tasted like a solid $10.99. Rich burgandy red color, a dry sweetness that was subtle and left a pleasant aftertaste, and an unidentifiable but lovely fruit flavor, which Douglas said was either raisin or cranberry. I’m going to say cranberry, because if I ever find out they put raisins in wine my head will explode into a million tiny disgusted and betrayed chunks. So, I’m going to say cranberry.
There's no way there are raisins in that fine glass of magic. NO. WAY.

It was truly lovely, and I give it 5 stars. I hope to someday find out how much an entire bottle is and ask Douglas to buy it for me so I can enjoy more of this fine delicacy. Because I doubt I can afford it, and He knows I’ll share.