Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sebastopol Oaks Sauvignon Blanc - 2013 $4

For my first review, Normal brought me a bottle of white to get me started. I prefer white wines primarily because they don’t make my head feel split open like a rotten melon the next morning. This particular wine was a hit with me immediately, as it delivered that tangy but not too sharp flavor from the beginning.

I hate wine you have to warm up to. I shouldn’t have to have an entire glass before I enjoy the next one because my tongue is numb.

Anyway, the first thing I did was remember to take a photo, because when we were tasting wines yesterday I totally forgot. No, that’s not my baby. He’ll probably be driving before I manage to get a print photo in that frame-much like trying to get wine into that glass.

That's not my baby. It's a stranger baby.
My actual baby, who I like to call “Bug”, was seriously cranky today, despite me telling him “Happy Birthday!” because he’s one month old, and that’s supposedly a thing. He celebrated by scratching the shit out of my face, having a diaper explosion that his dad referred to as “working overtime at the mustard factory”, and screamed so hard his arms and legs shook like he was having a seizure.

Then, he farted on me and fell asleep.

That’s pretty much how my days usually go, which is why it took me two more hours to even open the wine, which I was DELIGHTED to find was screw top. I’m with Norm on this one. I get that people think wine with a screw top is probably shitty wine-I disagree. Twist tops are a very welcome convenience to someone who hasn’t slept more than 4 hours a night in more than a month.

So thank you, Sebastopol Oaks. For the easy access.

The bottle doesn’t say anything about its flavor makeup, and I’m not really able to pull out anything specific, but I will say this. Often, I am forced to put the wine down and do responsible things. Warm white wine is not very awesome...but in my world, inevitable. So another big selling point of this particular wine was the fact that when I go back to my warm glass (sad face) it wasn’t fucking disgusting. (Happy face!)

All in all this is a strong Sauvignon Blanc for the addled woman. I’ll give it a solid 4 stars.