Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rabbit Ridge 2013 Allure de Robles: UNBELIEVABLY GREAT, $10

As far as I'm concerned, me finding this wine was the reason for starting this blog. We can all pack up and go home, because this is IT.*

It's sad that all we did last night was watch a nature documentary about Yellowstone and eat microwaved chicken nachos. This wine really deserves a better story than TV and nachos.

A couple nights ago, Russ and I watched a documentary about winemakers in France. I don't remember what it was called, but it was a very interesting documentary. The winemakers remarked at great length about how the grapes took on the flavor of their earth, and that vintners had to respect the vines and train them to dig deep into the soil. This, in turn, comes across in the flavor of the wine.

Rabbit Ridge Allure de Robles tastes so perfectly like Paso Robles. We love it there. If you missed my story about why I love wine, you can read it here. A lot of it has to do with Paso Robles, which is why I far prefer domestic wines to imports. For my tastes and interests, Paso Robles wine is where it's at.

Since this wine is local, Russ and I have decided to go visit the winery in person in the next few months just to work up a better tale about the experience of this fine wine. It really deserves better than what we have given it. A wine like this needs to be enjoyed outdoors in the sun, preferably in a comfortable camping chair, with good friends.

It was one of the wines recommended by my friends in the recent "what should I try?" poll. Rabbit Ridge was recommended by Cindy Emch of the band Feral. She is a friend of mine and has amazing taste, so I was not surprised at all when she hit a home run with this recommendation. It's my experience that people who love good whiskey give very trustworthy wine recommendations as well.

It's a smooth, medium-bodied wine with a wonderful scent, very ripe berry-rich (blackberries!) and currants. The aftertaste is like what licking velvet should feel like if it didn't feel so furry. All around, a perfect wine. A perfect price.

Please stay tuned for the story to accompany this wine. I was so inspired that I took a couple photos... see below for those.

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 * Note, however, that we're not packing it up quite yet... I still have to give this wine a story worth its fineness.