Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Unruly Red Blend Wine Review: problematically good. $12

Remember how I said I'd only drink $12 bottles of wine on date night? Well, that's true. Last night was date night, so we stopped at BevMo for some fine wine.

I explained the blog to the friendly wine lady, Emily, and she immediately took me to Unruly. I balked at the price, and she said I should make an exception to my "under $10" rule, since it's TECHNICALLY $6/bottle once you factor in that the second bottle is only $0.05.

And herein is the problematic part... If I start buying $12 bottles of wine because the second one is practically free, then I've always got twice as much wine as I want on hand, which means I'll drink it, because... wine.

So I'm challenging myself to make the second bottle last a couple nights.

This photo shows the excellent pairing of Unruly with my leftover lamb shank, warmed up in the microwave and enjoyed on the patio for lunch. A perfect combo.

Unruly is, as Emily said, "fruit forward." I'd say that yes, it's a fruity wine with a plum finish. It's not overly dry or gritty, and it's light on the pucker factor (Russ explained to me last night those are "tannins," but I don't want to start using fancy words).

It's delicious and drinkable.

At first when I poured the leftover from last night for lunch today, it smelled a little yeasty. Is that a thing? It wasn't bad, just that's what it smelled like to me.

I think overall, this is a great wine. It's well worth the $12, even without the $0.05 second bottle.


Well played, Brentwood BevMo Emily.