Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rex-Goliath Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Review: a good Thursday night wine. $4.50

I've had Rex-Goliath before, so this is moderately cheating, but I didn't really take much NOTE of it before, and certainly wouldn't be able to write a review of it from memory, so here we go with another bottle of Rex-Goliath.

I think this is what they'd call a "full bodied" wine.

It's seriously just FINE. It's a good wine, as long as you don't mean GOOD good.

Like I said, a good Thursday night wine.

It's very grapey. It has a good smell about it... a little vitamin-ey when I first poured the glass, but that burned off with a little air. I've heard people talk about "band-aid" flavor, and yeah, this was kind of band-aid scented and flavored... antiseptic? But not in an unpleasant way, just as it is.

The bottle, as you can see, boasts 50 GOLD MEDALS. I don't know if I would award it 50 gold medals if I had only 50 to give, but if I had 400 or 500 gold medals, I might award this 50. Ok, maybe 45. But definitely more than 30. Or maybe 25. More than 25.

I've bought it before on several occasions and may have even brought it to a dinner party. It wouldn't be the worst thing you could bring to a dinner party. If your friends are particular, it might get some eyebrow raises, but whatever. You're not here to make friends, you're here to WIN.

You can see here, the wine is pictured on a plain white tile with reproduction antiques behind it, including two Civil War re-enactment mugs and a fake French carafe. There's even an antiquey egg collecting basket there. And you can't see the spoon collection, but it's there. This all is to give the Rex-Goliath Cabernet Sauvignon an air of sophistication and classicness.

Three and a half stars... maybe four.