Monday, May 18, 2015

Murphy-Goode 2011 Merlot Wine Review: You could not wish for a better desert wine. That's not a spelling error. $12

Five Stars

This past weekend was a wonderful adventure that will get its own post. I took the opportunity of being in the desert to taste some reasonably priced wines. And by "taste," I mean "drink." Who am I kidding?

When we arrived at around 7pm on Friday, it was OBSCENELY windy. I put on my hat just to stop my hair from whipping around all over the place. Even though it was an untouched desert and therefore the surface was nice and solid, the wind had kicked up enough particles to make the cup lid more than just a fanciful accessory.

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Pretty much as soon as we landed on the dry lake bed, we uncorked some Murphy-Goode Merlot. Russ did the shopping for the trip, so I was a little at his mercy when it came to wines. I already had the Murphy-Goode Cabernet Sauvignon several months ago, so Russ wasn't exactly flying blind. I knew that Murphy-Goode is generally not going to be disappointing.

The Merlot was no exception.

It's a great desert wine. Very pleasant and drinkable. Not showboating a lot of exotic strong tastes or tartness, just a very mellow wine. No aftertaste. No regrets.

It occurs to me that I should probably start noting the wine dates in the review, since year apparently has a lot to do with taste. A 2014 Murphy-Goode Merlot might be very different than a 2012. Not that you'd know it from my review, but I'd hate for you to get it and go, "Shit, this isn't at all what I wanted to have in the desert. Oh crap. This is the 2010 and she was drinking the 2011."

Editorial aside: I'm adding the year to this post and future posts. For the posts in the past, you'll just have to squint at the photos.

This wine came with me to the fireside, where we enjoyed the fire and talked about nothing in particular. It was Friday night, so nothing huge was exploding. We sat there for several hours until it was pitch black -- no moon at all -- and then ambled back to our tent in the darkness, thankful that no obstacles were hiding in the dark. Dry lake beds are great that way.

We snuggled into bed out of the wind, safely protected by our Coleman Instant Tent (which I fully endorse as a product) and on the futon that Russ had hauled out there so we didn't have to sleep on an air mattress.

He is a good guy.