Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fish Eye Merlot Wine Review: delicious, with a sandy finish. $9.89

Russ and I went to the beach yesterday. My allergies were kicking my ass every kind of way and the best way to beat unbeatable allergies is to go to the beach. If you didn't know that before, now you know.

On the way, we picked up a bottle of wine in Stinson Beach, which is a very charming little town on highway 1.

My first sip of Fish Eye was a little weird, I will admit. It took me by surprise. There was a little grittiness to it -- not because of the sand, but just because of the wine body (I think). It wasn't awesome, I will admit.

But that also could have been my allergies. They had completely ravaged my nose and my enjoyment of life, so perhaps this might be a wine worth revisiting at a time when I might not be so hateful of everything in the world.

Fuck allergies. Fuck fuck fuck them.

Anyways, the wine is medium bodied with fine, lovely legs (yes, on the mason jar). According to the bottle, it had notes of currant and plum, which I would certainly agree with. It was pretty fruity, but not fruity in an annoying way.

Overall, it was very delightful to share on the beach. Yes, it has a screw top, which maybe I should even add a tag for, because IT IS A SELLING POINT, GODDAMN IT.

Our day was delightful and was much enhanced with this fine wine. Would definitely buy again.

Four stars. Maybe four and a half, but the glass was partially full of sand.