Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bota Box 2012 Chardonnay: A great cardonnay to enjoy with friends. $20 for 3L

Yesterday was a lovely Bay Area day -- picture perfect in almost every way. My friend is competing in BattleBots, the EPIC ABC show where teams create robots that beat the shit out of each other in a massive arena with throngs of cheering, oil-thirsty dorks.

So naturally, we were there.

I'm not at liberty to discuss ANYTHING about the battle, except to say that you should WATCH THE SHOW. It's on ABC on June 21.

After the first session yesterday, we left the taping to do a little tailgating in the parking lot. I've never been a fan of sports, so:
1. Actually going to a sporting event that I enjoy is weird enough

There were food trucks, and most notably, one of the food trucks had corn dogs.

Let me tell you a little about me and corn dogs... I LOVE corn dogs. LOVE LOVE LOVE corn dogs. However, I can't eat corn dogs most of the time, because they're absolutely rubbish, health-wise. I mean, they use the lowest quality hot dogs possible (for the most part), batter them in corn, sugar, and salt, and then deep fry them. It's basically the perfect storm of crap food.

But they are sooooooooooooooooo delicious.

And you know what pairs perfectly with corn dogs? BOXED WINE CHARDONNAY.

Since I missed World Chardonnay Day on Thursday, I had a little catching up to do. My friend and box wine critic, Connie-Lynne  (who will be guest blogging for us periodically), brought a box of Bota Box Chardonnay.
Box Wine Critic, Connie-Lynne (left), serves me a red bottle of Cardonnay at my first ever tailgate

As you know, I'm not generally a white wine enthusiast. Somehow, Chardonnay always either is too sweet or too dry. And I don't really like cold things, so Chardonnay also has that going against it.

That said, the Bota Box Chardonnay was great. It was absolutely exactly perfect for the context of the day: The sun was high in the sky, the breeze was coming off the water at a decently violent clip, dorktastic adrenaline was pumping through our veins, and our throats were sore from screaming bloody murder at a bunch of perfectly tuned machines.

It was bright and light, with no sourness at all. It was downright festive with its fruity flavors.

See that cute little red plastic bottle? That thing came with us on our walkabout, which included leering at trains being restored in a massive industrial warehouse. It was very nondescript. It even came with us to Mad Max later...


You know what else pairs well with Chardonnay? MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. (actually, everything pairs well with Mad Max, and if I had a choice in the matter at all, I would have picked red wine to pair with it, but we didn't have red wine, we had chardonnay.)

So that's how yesterday went:
1. Awesome friends
2. Killer robots
3. Tailgate and Chardonnay
4. Trains
5. Mad Max