Sunday, May 3, 2015

Big House Red Wine Review: It's so good I consider it cheating. $6.99

I kind of think this is cheating, but I'm doing it anyways... I'm trying a wine I already know to be good just so I can write a positive review.

I realize that the Viognier review was pretty positive, but I tried another bottle of red that was DOWNRIGHT HORRIBLE and I decided I couldn't be that person who complains about everything constantly.

So here we are in the Big House.

I love this wine on so many levels. It's medium-bodied, tastes like currants and plums, smells delicious, and has a screw top.

Yeah, I said it. I think having a screw top is a selling feature. It makes the wine portable and put-awayable in ways that uncorking and recorking really doesn't.

It's the perfect wine for practically any occasion, from patio mason jar drinkin' to reheated chicken drinkin'. I have even brought it to dinner parties, despite the fact that bringing a screw top wine to a dinner party is widely regarded as tacky.

You want to know tacky? I'd drink this wine in the pinkest room of the Madonna Inn AND I'D LOVE EVERY SIP.