Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Honey Moon Viognier Wine Review: Crisp, enjoyable. $6.99

Just like yesterday's wine looked perfect on paper but ended up being kind of meh, this Viognier looks not awesome on paper (I'm a red wine drinker), but it ended up being very nice.

It was a perfect Summer wine, even if you were to sit out on the patio and actually focus on the wine. Truly, very refreshing. I would be fine serving this to guests, even.

The Honey Moon Viognier smelled really delightful and had notes of citrus. It was sweet without being overpoweringly sweet.

Overall, for another $7 bottle of wine, this is a very fine choice. I would certainly buy it again for a warm summer evening on the patio.

Hangover: I didn't have enough to give me a hangover, so I can't really report.

Four stars, when I find the star gif.